About Us

Go Downtown helps users in large,  vibrant cities find what is happening around town right now and where to go to participate. The app indicates the location of live events and highlights crowds’ hot spots using a live foot-traffic heatmap.

Today there is no quick and easy way to know what’s going on in town right now and where the action is. The main mapping platforms like Google or Apple present mostly the physical landscape of cities while the information about the live, social landscape (including live events and street happening) is fragmented across the net and hard to find.

Go Downtown radically changes the way we plan our spontaneous hangouts. The social map application aggregates information about Live Events from online sources and users reports and displays them on the map. Featured events include festivals, shows, live music, food truck locations, happy hours and more. Users can share the details of an event they like and the app produces a walking route to take them there.

Go Downtown also features a Live Foot Traffic Heatmap. The app aggregates the location and speed of users to generate a real time foot traffic ‘synoptic map’. The foot traffic heatmap highlights pedestrian hot spots and helps users find where the action is and where people go. Users can even filter the map to find hot spots of specific groups of people based on their demographic and common interests.

In addition to the benefits for end users, the real time data and analytics Go Downtown generates can serve a wide range of markets. Among them the automobile industry, high definition maps,  leading retail chains, car sharing ventures and more. Go Downtown also predicts that live foot traffic data, pattern analysis and forecast will play a key roll in many Smart City initiatives and will be widely use by urban planners to plan more pedestrian - friendly cities.

Go Downtown is based in Vancouver, BC and Palo Alto, California.

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